You asked: Is Travelers Insurance good to work for?

Is Travelers insurance a good place to work?

Overall, Travelers is a company with good work life balance.” “Travelers was a good company to work for overall. The corporate culture was inviting and open which made day to day interactions more enjoyable than many other corporate settings.

Why is Travelers a good company to work for?

Good pay, benefits and time off

Overall, this was a great place to work, if you work at it, you can advance in the company in a short time. I had a few managers, and most were very supportive with career growth which was great.

Do Travelers give employee bonuses?

Travelers’ bonus programs are designed to attract, motivate and retain high-performing talent by significantly differentiating awards based on performance. All employees are eligible for some form of discretionary cash incentive award.

Does Travelers offer a pension?

Travelers offers both pension and 401(k) savings plans, and eligible participants are automatically enrolled in both plans. The pension plan is funded 100 percent by Travelers and provides annual pay credits of 2 to 6 percent, based on age and years of service.

Which insurance Agency is the best to work for?

The Best Insurance Company Workplaces. Nationwide insurance received an overall employee satisfaction rating of 3.7 out of 5, from a total of 1,908 employee reviews. Of the almost 2,000 employees who left a review, 75% would recommend working at Nationwide to a friend.

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Does traveling match 401k?

401(k) Savings Plan with Company Match

Travelers matches employee contributions dollar-for-dollar up to 5 percent of eligible pay, up to an annual maximum of $7,000.

Does Citi have a pension plan?

Note: Effective January 1, 2008, the Citigroup Pension Plan (Pension Plan) was frozen. … The Pension Plan is designed to pay a benefit after you retire. Generally, the amount of the benefit is based on your years of credited service, your pay, your age, when benefits begin and interest rates under the Pension Plan.