What is the best pet insurance for cats UK?

What pet insurance do vets recommend UK?

Petplan is the UK’s No. 1 pet insurer, insuring over 1.3 million pets nationwide. Award winning pet insurance includes cover for congenital, hereditary and behavioural conditions. 98% of Covered for Life claims paid – that’s over £5million paid every week to help Petplan pets get the veterinary treatment they need.

What is the average cost of cat insurance UK?

The average annual premium paid for pet insurance by UK cat owners is around £150 – equating to £12.50 a month, based one year worth of data from Bought By Many cat insurance policies. But you might pay much more or less than this.

Is it worth insuring a cat?

Pet insurance is a good idea because: It helps pay a portion of the veterinary fees should your pet become injured or ill. If you couldn’t otherwise afford a large vet bill should disaster strike then it can mean the difference between life and death for your pet.

What’s the difference between PetPlan and insurance?

Unlike a pet healthcare plan, pet insurance is only used if a pet becomes ill, is injured, or has an accident, it offers protection against sudden and unexpected vet bills. The insurance policy provides financial support to cover or help with the cost of vet bills.

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Is Tesco Premier pet insurance Lifetime Cover?

All Bought By Many policies are lifetime, which means the vet fee cover level resets every year you renew so it can cover ongoing illness and conditions throughout the lifetime of your pet. Tesco only offers one lifetime policy called Tesco Premier, which offers a maximum vet fee limit of £10,000.

Do pet insurance premiums go up after a claim?

Will my pet insurance costs go up if I make a claim? More than likely, yes. Your insurance provider may take the view that if you’ve made one claim, you’re more likely to make another – bumping up your premiums as a result. The same is true if you’ve had to claim for accidents or for losing your pet.

What is a lifetime pet policy?

A lifetime policy is essentially designed to cover any chronic or recurring condition during the pet’s lifetime. This is attractive because, with non-lifetime policies, animals might be refused for pre-existing medical conditions or when they reach a certain age.

Is it more expensive to insure a pedigree cat?

You may find that a pedigree cat costs more to cover than a mixed breed because they can be more susceptible to some illnesses. So, it’s important to shop around to find the best deal you can for you and your pedigree pet.

Why do male cats cost more to insure?

The type and breed of animal is a big factor, as is the age of your pet, and also where you live. … The sex of your pet can also influence the cost of insurance cover, for example male cats are often more expensive to insure than females as they are more prone to suffering from blocked bladders.

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How much is PetPlan UK?

Petplan vs Agria vs Bought by Many

PetPlan Agria
Cost £62.30 £46.42
Vet fee cover £12,000 per year £12,500 per year
Public liability £3million £3million
Loss & theft £2,000 £1,500