What happen to the standard insurance lady?

Who is the man in the Standard Insurance commercials?

Jordan Murphy (American actor)

Jordan Murphy
Occupation Actor, host, producer
Years active 1999–present
Spouse(s) Dilyn Cassel (2002–present)

Do actors get paid every time a commercial airs?

Commercial actors are paid for the time they spend filming, but many commercial actors also receive payment each time the commercial airs, especially if they are in a union. Payments for each time the commercial airs are usually called residuals or royalties.

How old is the standard insurance lady?

She was born on August 15, 1961, making her currently at the age of 60. She grew up in New York City and New Jersey. She is an American woman who married Kenneth S.

Who is Rita in the chobani commercial?

Caryn Richman. Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

Where is the latest eliquis commercial filmed?

Commercial: ELIQUIS–No Matter Where I Ride

LSW served as location scout for this commercial, which was shot in the Sedona, Arizona, area.

What is Jake from State Farm worth?

Jake Wood – Geico

Wood was also an actor on a popular British soap opera. As of 2021, Wood has a net worth of $3 million.

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