Best answer: Can you drive someone else’s car without insurance in California?

Do you need insurance to drive someone else’s car California?

If you own a vehicle, it isn’t necessary to get a non-owner auto insurance policy because your liability insurance will most likely cover you if you rent a vehicle or borrow someone else’s car. Typically, you’ll have some liability protection but you should check with your insurer just to be safe.

Can you use someone else’s car without insurance?

Can I borrow someone else’s car without my own insurance? In most cases, it is completely fine to drive someone else’s car, as long as they have their own insurance policy for the vehicle. This is because the policy follows the vehicle, not the driver.

Can an uninsured driver drive an insured car in California?

Under California Vehicle Code Section 16029, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without evidence of financial responsibility. Typically, this is referred to as driving without insurance.

What happens if I let someone drive my car without insurance?

If not, you could face serious consequences if caught driving without insurance. This includes license suspension and fines up to $50,000, even if it is not your vehicle. Letting someone drive your car is not a decision you should take too lightly.

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Can an insured driver drive an uninsured vehicle?

No, it is illegal for an insured driver to be driving an uninsured car because insurance is tied to the car and not the individual driver. Driving a car without insurance can result in serious penalties like fines, license suspension, and even jail time.

Can my son drive my car if he is not insured?

In California, it is illegal to drive without car insurance. All licensed drivers must have at least $15,000 of bodily injury insurance per person, at least $30,000 of bodily injury insurance per accident and at least $5,000 of property damage insurance.

Can anyone drive my car if its insured?

Does my car insurance cover other drivers? Usually, yes — your car insurance coverage should extend to anyone else driving your car. … So if you lend your car to your best friend, your sister or even your second cousin, your insurance is most often the insurance that will pay in the event of an accident.

Can I drive my girlfriends car?

Some drivers will be covered under your policy as long as you have given them permission to drive your car. This is considered “permissive use.” These drivers may include immediate or extended family, friends, or even a boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn’t live with you.

How does car insurance work when driving someone else’s car?

Generally speaking, auto insurance follows the car instead of the driver. Follows the car, meaning: if you lend your friend your car and your friend gets into a collision, your insurance would cover it, and if your friend lends you their car and you get into a collision, your friend’s insurance would cover it.

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What happens in California if you drive without insurance?

In California, driving without insurance once isn’t too bad. You’ll get a fine of between $100 and $250 plus penalty assessments. But the court could also decide to impound your vehicle.

Can I let a friend borrow my car?

Although you should check your individual policy, most of the time you can let someone drive your car and still have coverage. As long as you give the person permission, and they only drive the car occasionally, there shouldn’t be an issue. Accidents, however, are unpredictable and can happen anytime.