Which water heaters have the best warranty?

What brand of water heater is the most reliable?

15 Best & Most Reliable Water Heater Brands in the World

  • A.O. Smith. …
  • Rheem. Rheem was founded in 1925 by two brothers, Donald and Richard Rheem – and with financial backing from a third brother, William. …
  • Kenmore. …
  • Bradford White. …
  • American Standard. …
  • American Water Heaters. …
  • Bosch. …
  • EcoSmart.

Who makes the longest lasting water heater?

What Is The Longest-Lasting Water Heater?

  • Rheem water heaters are some of the best and longest-lasting water heaters on the market. …
  • Rheem is among the most reputable and reliable water heater brands in the industry. …
  • Rheem has been reputable for developing quality water heaters for over 100 years.

What is the warranty on most water heaters?

A typical hot water heater usually has a five or six year warranty, regardless of whether it’s gas or electric. However, there are more expensive units available with longer warranties, often up to ten years.

Is longer warranty water heater worth it?

The difference between the two comes down to cost and corrosion resistance. If you want to save money, the 6-year warranty is fine. For better corrosion resistance and longevity, the 12-year water heater is better.

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Is Reliance a good water heater?

Reliance water heaters are some of the most reliable water heaters on the market. Several features make these heaters reliable and have a better value. First, with these water heaters, you’ll get more hot water at a time. They come with higher input, gallon size, first-hour output, and recovery.

Is a Rheem hot water heater good?

Rheem is a good, mid-level water heater brand that’s not too expensive. Its reputation for manufacturing durable, reliable water heaters makes it a good choice for most homes. … This gas water heater is Energy Star rated and has a 12-year warranty.

How long does Rheem water heater last?

6-Year Warranty Rheem Water Heater

These Rheem water heaters come with a 6-year warranty on parts & tank, and a 1-year warranty on labor. The 6-year warranty does not mean the unit will only last that long: your water heater, if properly maintained, should have a life-span of at least 8 years.

How long is GE water heater warranty?

this one (1) year Full Warranty period, we will also provide, free of charge, all labor and in-home service we determine is necessary to change-out a defective part or replace a leaking tank. * Warranty coverage is measured from the date of original purchase if properly documented.