What’s the warranty on a super start premium battery?

How long is the warranty on a super start premium battery?

Car batteries

It does have a 36 month free replacement warranty and claims to produce 450 cold cranking amps, (CCA). This Super Start group 51R car battery does not have a handle to help with installation. It does have a 36 month free replacement warranty and claims to produce 450 cold cranking amps, (CCA).

Do Super Start Batteries have a warranty?

Super Start offers proven technology, improved starting reliability, and extended service life to provide unmatched performance for today’s vehicles. With a Nationwide warranty with up to 3 years free replacement depending on product type, you can rest assured that your Super Start battery will keep you on the road.

How long should a super start battery last?

Most batteries last at least 4 years with many quality batteries lasting more than 6 years easily with a little maintenance. With Super Start batteries, the Premium variant lasts the least while the Platinum and the Extreme for more than 4 years.

How do I check my battery warranty?

The warranty date code is located on the top label of the battery. The first character is either a P or S. The next two digits determine the month, the third digit is year and the fourth digit indicates the manufacturing plant. For example, P 097N means the battery was made in September 2017.

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What is the warranty on a super start marine deep cycle battery?

Warranty Information

Product Range Private Use Commercial Use
Starting Marine
SSB i-Start EFB 24 Months ± 12 Months #
Deep Cycle – Marine 24 Months 12 Months
SSB Marine 24 Months 12 Months

How long are car battery warranties?

Your car’s battery is usually covered by a limited bumper-to-bumper warranty. Car battery warranties typically last for two years or 24,000 miles, even if the bumper-to-bumper warranty lasts longer. You should also know that most extended car warranties exclude batteries from their coverage.

What is a 9A warranty?

9A and 9AGM automotive series batteries used in deep cycle service carry a free replacement warranty of 12 months.

Does O’Reilly change batteries for free?

We’re happy to install most car batteries for free at any of our locations. However, if you’re in a position where you can’t get to a store, check out our video on how to install a car battery.

Are Super Start batteries lithium?

SSB PowerSport is the Pioneer of lithium starting batteries in Australia. … Basically our lithium batteries are one of the most powerful and lightest lithium starting batteries in the world.