What is a separate structure for insurance?

What is considered a structure on your property?

This includes detached garages, sheds, greenhouses, barns, shops, and gazebos. It also includes items you might not think of, like driveways, fences, and adding or replacing an existing dock on the water. Your homeowners policy automatically covers additional structures on your property.

What is coverage b separate structures?

Other structures insurance, also known as Coverage B, is the part of your home insurance policy that protects structures on your property other than your house. That includes: Fences. Sheds. Detached garages.

What is considered a detached structure?

A detached structure is any permanently installed structure on the premises that is separated from the dwelling by clear space. Home insurance policies cover detached structures separately from the dwelling. Many policies refer to it as Coverage B: Detached Private Structures.

Do I have to have other structures coverage?

If you have a fence, detached garage or another detached structure on your property, you’ll need other structures coverage to make sure they’re properly protected.

Is a fence considered a structure for insurance?

Fences fall under the “other structures” coverage section of a standard homeowners insurance policy.

Is a driveway considered a structure?

Your driveway is considered part of your dwelling and attached structures, like a swimming pool or attached deck would be. … If your driveway does not lead to your home and is included in the unattached structures portion, make sure you have enough coverage to replace your driveway if it is damaged.

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Is a deck a separate structure?

A standard homeowners insurance policy typically defines “other structures” as: … That means connected garages or decks are covered by your policy’s dwelling coverage, while anything with distinguishable space between it and your house is covered by other structures coverage.

Can I remove other structures coverage?

Removing “Other Structure” Coverage

Unfortunately, even if you have none of these items, your provider will not allow you to delete it. They are not charging any additional premium for the protection of these items. … Most homeowners have some additional structures, even if they don’t realize that they do.

Is a dock considered other structures?

If the boat dock and/or lift is permanently attached and not removed from the water to be stored and is ON the residence premises, it mostly likely would be considered Other Structures (Coverage B) on the Homeowner Policy.

What is considered an attached structure?

Attached structure means any structure that is attached to another structure by a common wall, by a roof, or by structural connections that allow pedestrian access to both structures. For example, decks or stairways are attached structures when they are connected to another structure.

Does homeowners insurance cover detached garage?

Your homeowners insurance policy covers all the buildings on your property. Whether you own a detached garage, a gazebo, a fence or a potting shed, they’re all covered. That doesn’t guarantee, however, that if your detached garage burns down, your insurance is enough to replace it.

Can you insure a shed?

Shed and Garage Insurance

Whether you own a detached garage, a gazebo, a fence, or a backyard garden shed, they’re all covered. … They agree that most homeowner’s insurance policies generally include coverage for all structures on your property, such as a garage, shed, or workshop.

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