What does Maytag washing machine warranty cover?

What is covered in washing machine warranty?

The plan covers all malfunctions and manufacturing defects in the device or appliance. Extended Warranty is applicable for up to 4 additional years after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty, depending on the plan you buy. … Extended warranty for a 20,000 washing machine costs only Rs. 1,199.

How do I check my Maytag warranty?

For complete warranty and guarantee details, visit the Maytag warranty page or contact customer service at 1-800-344-1274.

What is a 10 year limited warranty?

Limited Warranty

Often, it covers just the parts and not the labor required to fully fix something. … For example, a new car that comes with a five-year warranty might offer the option to pay for a 10-year limited warranty.

How long is washing machine warranty?

Usually when you a buy a new domestic appliance, you’ll benefit from the manufacture’s guarantee for a period of time. So, for example, your washing machine warranty should normally be for at least 12 months.

How do I know if my washing machine is still under warranty?

If your appliance breaks down within 30 days of purchase, you can be certain it’s still under warranty. … Most manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty, so if it’s been less than 12 months since you purchased the appliance, it’s most likely still covered.

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Is Maytag better than Whirlpool?

Both brands’ washers intersect when it comes to smart capabilities and durability, but in the end, Maytag washing machines boast greater value across top-load and front-load models, as they stock more premium features compared to Whirlpool washers of a similar price.

Does Maytag have a good warranty?

All Maytag appliances are covered under a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Maytag also provides two other types of warranty options—the Maytag 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty and the Maytag Service Plan.

Coverage Overview.

Appliance What’s Covered
Appliance What’s Covered
Microwaves Magnetron

How do I file a Maytag warranty claim?

To file a claim over the phone, call 800-462-9824.

Once you reach Maytag’s customer service, ask for all the necessary information and further instructions regarding your warranty claim.

How much does a Maytag repairman cost?

A technician may set a flat rate or charge by the hour. The average hourly cost is $65, although this can range from $40 to $95.

Which washing machines have the longest warranty?

In the case of Maytag and Speed Queen you have great warranty coverage. While the majority of laundry brands only cover a 1 year parts and labor period, Speed Queen and Maytag give you a full 5 years parts and labor warranty included in the purchase price on select models.