What are special reasons for driving without insurance?

What are special reasons?

The legal definition of a Special Reason is an extenuating issue that is not a defence in law but is directly connected to the commission of the offence and is something that ought to be considered when imposing a sentence.

What are the points for no insurance?

Failing to have car insurance can result in six to eight penalty points on your driving licence. These points stay on your driving record for 4 years. You can be disqualified from driving if you have 12 or more penalty points within three years.

What is a special reasons hearing?

A special reason is a mitigating or extenuating circumstance, not amounting in law to a defence to the charge, but is directly connected with the commission of the offence and one, which the court ought properly to take into consideration when imposing sentence.

What classes are exceptional hardships?

To be exceptional, the hardship to be suffered must be something out of the ordinary. For example, in the case of Brennan v McKay (1996),a taxi driver accumulated 12 points and argued that if he were to lose his licence he may lose his job and suffer financial difficulty.

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What is the punishment for driving whilst disqualified?

What is the penalty for driving whilst disqualified? For driving whilst disqualified you may receive a prison sentence of up to 6 months imprisonment. For a lesser sentence you may receive a community service curfew order.

What are special reasons for drink driving?

There are many other examples of special reasons that we would be pleased to discuss with you.

  • Driving in an emergency. If you were driving in an emergency this may amount to a special reason for drink and drug driving. …
  • Short distance driven. …
  • Spiked drinks. …
  • Reflux. …
  • Medication. …
  • Passive Smoking – Drug Driving.

Can you get 3 points for driving without insurance?

According to the Road Traffic Act, any person who keeps their car on a road must have a valid insurance policy; parking on the road counts as a ‘use’ of the road. The offence of keeping a vehicle without insurance, as opposed to using it or driving it, carries a fine but no penalty points.

What is the maximum fine for driving without insurance?

What is the maximum fine for driving without insurance? There is no maximum fine for driving without insurance, because the fine can be unlimited.

What happens if drive without insurance?

According to the New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services website, in NSW you’ll risk a $607 fine for driving a vehicle that’s unregistered and a $530 fine for driving a vehicle that’s uninsured.

What is the penalty for driving without insurance UK?

Penalties for uninsured drivers:

The police could give you a fixed penalty of £300 and 6 penalty points if you’re caught driving a vehicle you’re not insured to drive. If the case goes to court you could get: an unlimited fine. disqualified from driving.

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Is disqualified driving a summary Offence?

It is a summary only offence which means that it can only be tried by the magistrates’ court although if linked with more serious offences it may be committed to Crown Court under s 40 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988.

What is a public place Road Traffic Act?

A place can be privately owned but still be a public place. Any pay-and-display car park or other type of paying car park is a public place for the purposes of the Road Traffic Act 1988.