How long is the warranty on Sennheiser headphones?

How long does Sennheiser warranty last?

The original Sennheiser product you have purchased is covered by a warranty of 24 months. For some products a different warranty period applies.

How do I check my Sennheiser warranty?

How we can I check warranty period? – Warranty can be checked/claimed from the date of purchase/date of invoice till 2 years. i.e if the product invoice date is 2-2-2016 then warranty can be claimed till 1-2-2018.

Can Sennheiser earphones be repaired?

Please use the menus below to select your product and register it for repair. Our expert team will make sure that the repair process is handled quickly and efficiently, keeping in touch every step of the way.

How do you replace Sennheiser headphones?

For Sennheiser, it’s required that you get in touch with them directly. As long as you have your invoice which serves as your proof of purchase, any Sennheiser service center that services headphones should be in a position to fulfill your warranty claim request.

How long does it take Sennheiser to repair?

The whole process took 11 days.

Can you claim warranty twice?

Print. Unfortunately, under a warranty claim process, you are only entitled to replacements. You can get as many replacements as required within the warranty period. Many times, various issues may arise during the warranty claim process.

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Where is the serial number on Sennheiser headphones?

The serial number is located inside of the right side of the earcup. You have to remove the ear pad and you will see the serial number. You may also want to contact Sennheiser customer service for additional information.

Is Amazon authorized Sennheiser dealer?

Yes, Amazon is an authorized online dealer. If the phones need work under the warranty contact Sennheiser about where to ship them.

Is Sennheiser a German company?

Long-running German audio company Sennheiser today announced that it has found a buyer for its consumer brand. Swiss holding company Sonova — a giant in the hearing aid business — will be acquiring the brand in a deal expected to close by end of year.

Why are my Sennheiser headphones only playing in one ear?

The first thing to do is ensure that you have the audio plug of the headphones connected securely into the audio device. … The next thing to do is to check and make sure that there is no debris (ie: no dust or lint) in the headphone jack of the audio source that may be inhibiting connectivity and causing sound issues.

Why is my left Sennheiser Earbud not working?

Make sure that the earbuds are charged and connected to your Bluetooth device. Check in the Bluetooth settings of your connected device has media and calls connection activated. The left earbud can only be used when the right earbud is also used as the right earbud controls the Bluetooth transmission.