How long is the warranty on a Sony Bravia TV?

Do Sony TVs have a 5 year guarantee?

Sony FREE 5 Year Guarantee

FREE Sony 5 Year LED TV Guarantee. Sony are providing a Free 5 Year Guarantee when purchasing selected Sony HD LED Televisions from The Co-operative Electrical Shop.

How long do Sony Bravia TVs last?

A Sony TV’s lifespan depends on how you use it and how you take care of it. Sony claims that their TVs have a lifespan that ranges between four to six years with heavy, continuous use. This means the TV is continuously running at the highest brightness settings.

What is warranty on Sony Bravia?

Term: For a period of two (2) years from the original date of purchase of the product (or a period of ninety (90) days for commercial use), Sony will, at its option, repair or replace with new or refurbished product or parts, any product or parts determined to be defective.

How long is Sony manufacturer warranty?

Sony Electronics Inc. (for U.S. purchases) warrants this product (“Product”) against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of original purchase when purchased directly from Sony or a Sony Retailer.

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How do I know if my Sony is still under warranty?

Standard Warranty

  1. Toll Free No. (1800-103-7799) and Select option 2 on IVR.
  2. Chat with Us.
  3. Service centre.

Is Sony extended warranty worth it?

The short answer is yes, purchasing a TV extended warranty is worth it. Not only will a TV extended warranty give you total peace of mind, it will save you a lot of money when the TV breaks. Under Upsie’s TV extended warranty, there is no service fee or deductible.

Is it worth repairing a Sony Bravia TV?

Unfortunately it is not very cost effective to have your television repaired. A $700 repair on a $900 television is simply not worth the price. … You should only have your TV repaired if the cost of the repair is much less than the purchase price of a new set or if you bought a protection agreement for it.

How old is a Sony Bravia TV?

Bravia (brand)

Owner Sony Corporation
Retail availability 2005–present
Menu interface XrossMediaBar (2005–2013) Google TV (2011–2013) Tile UI (2014) Android TV (2015–present)
Predecessor Sony WEGA
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How much does it cost to repair a Sony Bravia TV?

TV Repair Cost by Brand

Brand Cost to Repair Common Problems
Sony $50 – $400
TCL $50 – $400
Samsung $75 – $200
LG $75 – $400

How do I claim warranty on my Sony TV?

If you want to initiate a warranty claim with Sony, you can call its customer information service center by dialing 1-800-222-SONY (7669). Explain your situation and ask for further instructions on obtaining warranty service for your product.

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How long is a guarantee on a TV?

Because manufacturers tend to give one year’s warranty on goods, retailers will usually push you in their direction if the product breaks inside the first year. However, SOGA provides cover for goods bought for up to six years – in England and Wales. This means if a TV fails after 13 months, you still have rights.

How do I know if my TV has a warranty?

How to Find Out if Your Appliance Is Under Warranty Still

  1. Consider Typical Appliance Warranty Periods. …
  2. Check Your Receipt or Owner’s Manual. …
  3. Check the Manufacturer’s Website. …
  4. Contact the Retailer. …
  5. Look into Your Credit Card’s Consumer Protection Package. …
  6. Check Your Home Warranty.