How long is the Bosch warranty?

How long does Bosch warranty last?

Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, Bosch has grown to offer customers a variety of products, including home appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators. With the purchase of a Bosch dishwasher, you’ll get a limited warranty that lasts up to five years.

Does Bosch have a warranty?

All Bosch appliances have a two year manufacturer’s warranty as standard to protect against any manufacturing and material faults and defects during this warranty period. For further information about this warranty, please click the link below to view the warranty terms and conditions.

How do I claim my Bosch warranty?

If your appliance develops a fault within this period and you need to claim against your Bosch warranty, simply call 0844 892 8979. You can try to locate the problem yourself first.

How long should a Bosch refrigerator last?

As with all appliances, taking good care of them will maximize the life expectancy, but Bosch refrigerators can be expected to last roughly between 14-19 years with proper care and maintenance.

Which dishwasher has the longest guarantee?

Miele dishwashers are the longest-lasting dishwashers that you can buy. The company claims that its products will last for 20 years of average use.

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How long are dishwasher warranties?

Most manufacturers offer a 1-year appliance warranty. If it’s been less than 12 months since you purchased the appliance, it’s most likely still covered.

Do washers come with warranty?

Usually when you a buy a new domestic appliance, you’ll benefit from the manufacture’s guarantee for a period of time. So, for example, your washing machine warranty should normally be for at least 12 months.

What is a 5 year guarantee?

Imagine that when shopping for a new car, one dealer guarantees its product for five years, and the other provides a five year warranty for the same car. … A warranty provides a promise from one party to the other that certain conditions, such as the quality or life span of a product, will be met.

Does changing plug invalidate warranty?

Thus, changing/altering parts of the unit will automatically void its warranty.

Does Bosch have international warranty?

These warranty conditions apply to appliances purchased in India. If appliances are shipped abroad, the warranty shall become void.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a dishwasher?

There are several reasons to opt for repairing your dishwasher, rather than replacing it, if possible. It’s often more cost efficient, it’s better for the environment to reuse your appliance, and it’s a lot less of a hassle than shopping for and installing a new one.

Is a Bosch dishwasher worth the money?

Bosch dishwashers cost more than a standard dishwasher because they are packed with features that make them a well-rounded machine. … If you’re looking for a dishwasher that offers 30% more loading capacity, a spot-free clean, and the quietest operation on the market today, then Bosch is well worth the cost.

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