How do I submit a warranty claim on my surface?

How do I make a warranty claim on my Surface?

How To Claim Microsoft Surface Warranty Over the Phone

  1. Call (800) 642 7676.
  2. Explain the problem with your device.
  3. Provide the rep with your device’s serial number.
  4. Give them all the warranty info.
  5. Follow any further instructions.

How do I send my Surface for repair?

If you decide to send it in, go to Device service and repair and sign in with your Microsoft account. If your device is already registered, select it and follow the instructions. If your device isn’t listed, select Don’t see your device? to register it, then follow the instructions to get service.

How do I file a claim with Microsoft?

To file a claim:

  1. Step 1: Go to Microsoft Device Supportand sign in with your Microsoft Account to view your registered devices. …
  2. Step 2: Once you are logged in and your Surface device is registered locate your Surface under My devices.

Is Surface Charger covered under warranty?

The charger that was supplied with your Surface has the same warranty as your Surface (one year is the standard warranty).

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Do you need receipt for warranty Microsoft?

In order to update your warranty, you will need to provide a valid sales/purchase receipt from an authorized retailer. … If the sales/purchase receipt does not clearly indicate these requirements, it will not be accepted.

How do I get a Microsoft warranty?

Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to with your account.
  2. Select the device that you want to check the warranty on.
  3. In Device coverage, you’ll see what kind of warranty coverage your device has and how much time is left.

How do I check the warranty on my Surface Pro?

You can see the warranty type for your device and the coverage dates under the Your Surface tab in the Surface app. You can also go to and select a device to see its warranty.

Can a Surface Pro be repaired?

Important: Surface devices shipped in for service can’t be repaired and must be replaced. We highly recommend that you back up your data if you can do so. We won’t be able to recover it for you.

Does Microsoft warranty cover cracked screen?

Microsoft’s limited warranty does not cover damages from drops or mishandling. In the case of the cracked screens, it is considered a manufacturer defect so it falls under warranty coverage.

How do I extend my Microsoft warranty?

To extend warranty coverage for your Xbox system, you can purchase Microsoft Complete with Accidental Damage Coverage at the time of your console purchase or within 45 days of console purchase. For replacement of controllers during your Microsoft Complete coverage period, contact Xbox Support.

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Can I add Microsoft complete after purchase?

Purchase Microsoft Complete at the time of device purchase. You can also add Complete up to 45 days after purchase. Just bring your device and proof of purchase to a Microsoft retail store for inspection.