How can I get my insurance to pay for glasses online?

Where can I buy glasses online with insurance?

Buying eyeglasses or contacts online with insurance

  • LensCrafters: EyeMed, Aetna, Humana, Blue View Vision and more.
  • Ray-Ban: Eyemed, Aetna Vision Preferred, Blue View Vision, Humana Vision and UniView Vision and more.
  • Target Optical: EyeMed, Aetna, Humana, Blue View Vision and more.
  • Eyeconic: VSP, MetLife, Cigna Vision.

How do you claim glasses on insurance?

Claim Your Vision Insurance

  1. Select your insurance provider to download claim form, or opt for generic claim form.
  2. Print and complete the relevant form.
  3. Attach itemized receipt of your prescription glasses. …
  4. Submit the receipt and form to your insurance company to the specified address found on the form.

Can you use insurance on Zenni optical?

We do not accept insurance. However, some insurance companies will accept an invoice copy for reimbursement. Check with your insurance company, and if they do, you can request an emailed invoice copy from our Customer Service department.

Can you get your eyeglass prescription online?

Thankfully, if you have a pretty basic prescription (meaning they’re not bifocals, progressives or Coke-bottle lenses), there’s a free tool from that can scan your current glasses.

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Does insurance cover prescription glasses?

At least part of the cost of your eyeglasses usually will be covered by your vision insurance—but how much depends on your plan. Consult your insurance provider for full details about your plan benefits. Eyeglasses are always fully covered by vision insurance.

Who accepts UnitedHealthcare vision for glasses?

UnitedHealthcare Vision expands online and in-store shopping options for members with the addition of LensCrafters®, 1-800 Contacts® and™ to network.

How can I get my doctor to prescribe my glasses?

It’s simple if your prescription came from a specific optometrist or ophthalmologist you simply need to call their office and request a copy of your prescription. They should be able to walk you through the exact steps needed to receive your prescription.

How many pairs of glasses does insurance cover?

Typically, Medicaid covers the cost of one pair of replacement glasses per year. If you are 21 or younger, you are allowed two pairs of replacement glasses per year. Glasses may be replaced if they are broken, lost, or stolen.

How do I know if my insurance covers vision?

Checking your employer’s or individual plan vision insurance benefits usually can be done easily by visiting the website address listed on your insurance card. For example, with VSP Vision Care, the largest vision insurance provider in the United States, just click on the View My Benefits link on the VSP website.

Does FramesDirect take insurance?

Payment & Insurance

Yes. is an out-of-network provider for most vision insurance plans. Once you’ve placed your order, you can submit your prescription eyewear or contact lens purchase for reimbursement through your vision insurance provider by using the forms found on our insurance page.

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How do I claim my VSP insurance?


  1. To submit a claim by mail, contact VSP Member Services at 800.877. 7195 to request a VSP Member Reimbursement Form. …
  2. If you submit a claim online, you may also print and mail copies of your claim form and receipt(s) to the address below.

Can you order from zenni with expired prescription?

IF YOUR PRESCRIPTION HAS EXPIRED OR IS MORE THAN TWO YEARS OLD, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU CONFIRM IT WITH YOUR DOCTOR OR EYE CARE PROVIDER PRIOR TO SUBMITTING AN ORDER. Your order information is saved in your user account for future use. (ii)24 Hour Hold Period; Changes to Your Order.