Does opening a computer void the warranty?

Does opening my PC void warranty?

Most likely yes, it will be voided. More info below. FTC warns companies that “Warranty void” stickers are illegal”.

What voids a PC warranty?

In regards to PC’s, technically modifying any hardware voids the warrant. That includes replacing the hard drive, the memory, the LCD screen, the processor etc.

Does opening HP desktop void warranty?

Every recent HP PC I have bought or worked with can be upgraded without voiding the warranty. HP provides an Upgrading and Servicing Guide for this purpose. HP will not warranty damage caused by user error.

Does opening a laptop void warranty Best Buy?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal. Why wouldn’t it be? They can make their warranty say whatever they want.

Does opening Asus laptop void warranty?

If you just open the panel on the underside of your laptop to install RAM (and I’m assuming you have a G751) it’s a user-servicable area so opening it won’t affect your warranty.

Can I open my Macbook Pro without voiding the warranty?

It’s the same warranty as the previous macs. As long as you open it and dont damage anything, the warranty is valid.

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Does warranty cover laptop drop?

If you damage or lose data, these issues aren’t covered by a laptop warranty. A laptop warranty will state clearly that any problems associated with the software aren’t covered. You won’t find coverage for theft, damage, or breakage caused by the owner in a laptop warranty, either.

Does warranty cover software issues?

Warranties do not cover reloading operating software, computer specific software or application software. … Warranties do not cover recovering data that is lost due to power problems, hardware failure, malware, viruses, software updates or user error. Warranties do not repair things you tried to repair.

Does opening back cover void warranty?

Re:can i open laptop without voiding warranty

You won’t void the warranty providing you follow the procedure in the Hardware Maintenance Manual and don’t damage anything in the process. Of course the new drive won’t be covered by the system warranty.

Does adding RAM void warranty?

RAM is an important component of your laptop. … Just remember, if your laptop is under warranty, upgrading RAM or opening the laptop might void warranty, and even damage it.

Does adding RAM void Best Buy warranty?

Something as simple as installing RAM should not void the warranty.