Does HP replace laptop under warranty?

Does warranty cover replacement laptop?

The laptop warranty generally covers the parts and labor for repairs. A laptop warranty also spells out what actions, on your part, will void the warranty. Something as simple as opening the case and breaking a seal can be enough to void a warranty, even if you only wanted to take a peek inside.

What is covered under HP laptop warranty?

HP’s standard one-year limited warranty covers for repairs or replacement of parts that are deemed defective. … The physical screens of the laptops are covered by the standard warranty for specified types of failures. For a notebook, the battery is covered against failure during the warranty period.

How do I get a new HP laptop under warranty?

How To File an HP Warranty Claim Over the Phone. You can request a service for your malfunctioning HP device by calling the HP warranty phone number—1-800-474-6836. When you reach a customer service representative, explain your issue and ask for repair. Before you call HP, check your device’s serial number.

Do HP laptops have warranty?

HP offers a fairly common one-year warranty on its products. … PCs, Laptops, Chromebooks and Tablets: 1-year standard global limited warranty. Standard Warranty Coverage. With the standard one-year limited warranty, you will be covered for repair or replacement of parts deemed defective.

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Does HP have warranty?

All consumer PCs and printers come with a standard one-year warranty. Care packs provide an enhanced level of support and/or an extended period of coverage for your HP hardware. All commercial PCs and printers come with either a one-year or three-year warranty.

What is not covered by HP warranty?

The HP Standard Limited Warranty does not cover external chassis, panel, hinge, and bezel damage that is not the direct result of a manufacturing defect or failure. Damage not covered by the warranty includes damage caused by dropping and damage caused by stretching or forcing components beyond their limits.

How does HP laptop warranty work?

Your HP Limited Warranty may include a pick-up and return warranty service. Under the terms of pick-up and return service, HP will pick up the defective HP Hardware Product from your location, repair it, and return it to your location. HP will incur all repair, logistics, and insurance costs for this service.

Can I replace HP laptop?

At HP®, most of our laptops have been designed so the user can open the unit with a Phillips screwdriver and add new or upgrade computer memory with relative ease. Other computers have soldered the device shut making it impossible for users to upgrade memory.

How long does HP take to replace laptop?

How long will the repair take? Repairs generally take 5-10 business days. Use the HP Repair Status web site to track the progress of your repair. Due to parts back orders, shipping issues, or circumstances beyond HP’s control your repair may require additional time.

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Does HP warranty cover accidental damage?

Accidental Damage Protection provides protection against accidental damage to your HP product that occurs during the contracted period. … such as if you accidentally spill liquid on your keyboard or accidentally drop your HP Notebook.

Does opening your HP laptop void warranty?

With regards to the warranty question, the warranty would not void by default if you open the computer or change the components, but if any issues happen due to the new component or when the computer is opened, that will void the warranty.