Does Elephant Insurance Do SR22?

Does elephant offer SR-22?

The General provides insurance to drivers who need SR-22 certification. … The General is worth getting a quote from, because the company specializes in high-risk drivers and is highly rated for SR-22 policies. However, it’s always a good idea to compare several quotes to get the best price possible for your needs.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost a month?

How much does SR-22 insurance cost a month? A policy with an SR-22 filing for one DUI conviction costs about $230 a month, or $2,760 a year, on average, based on a rate analysis by’s staff of experts. There is also a fee for processing the form.

What company has the cheapest SR-22 insurance?

The Companies With the Cheapest SR-22 Insurance Quotes

  • USAA is the cheapest car insurance company for drivers with a SR-22 at an an average of $838 per year. …
  • Progressive is the second cheapest insurance provider and it is widely available, with an average annual rate of $1,058 for drivers convicted of a DUI.

How much does an SR-22 add to your insurance?

Your rate will jump by an average of 89% for an SR22 filing with one DUI, or about $1,300 more, a year, according to a rate analysis by With either an SR22 or FR44, the car insurance company will make sure you buy the appropriate amount of coverage to comply with your mandated insurance requirements.

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Where can I get an SR-22?

If you are required to get an SR-22, the traffic court where you appeared or the Department of Motor Vehicles will notify you by mail. The insurance company will charge a fee for providing an SR-22 certificate on your behalf. The amount of the fee may differ by state. Additional fees may be charged by the state.

Is SR-22 full coverage?

SR-22 coverage isn’t full coverage insurance. However, if you have been mandated to purchase an SR-22 certificate, then you will need it in order to drive legally. Your insurance provider can help you get SR-22 coverage with a simple call to their office.

Can I get SR22 insurance without a vehicle?

To acquire SR22 insurance, you cannot own a vehicle, live in a household with one, or require an ignition interlock breath device. SR22 insurance prevents a lapse in coverage and can cover accidents if something happens while you’re borrowing a car.

Is SR-22 separate from insurance?

An SR-22 is not a separate type of insurance, but instead a form that an insurance company has to file with the state DMV on a driver’s behalf.