Do I have travel insurance with American Express?

Does American Express offer cancel for any reason travel insurance?

Does the American Express Travel Insurance coverage allow me to cancel my trip for any reason? No, American Express Travel Insurance covers only specified covered reasons.

Is travel insurance included with American Express Platinum card?

The Amex Platinum card comes with trip cancellation, trip interruption, and trip delay insurance that can cover flight cancellations for only the specific (limited) reasons listed in the terms and conditions.

How do I claim my American Express Travel Insurance?

Filing a claim

When you have a delay or trip cancellation/interruption that you think qualifies for coverage, you can file a claim by calling Amex at 1-844-933-0648 within 60 days of the covered loss.

Who are the best travel insurance companies?

Compare The Best Travel Insurance Companies

Company Starting Price Coverage Limit
Travelex Best Overall $28 $25,000
Allianz Travel Insurance Runner-Up, Best Overall $120 Starting at $5,000
InsureMyTrip Best Value $25 to $100 Varies
World Nomads Most Comprehensive Coverage $100 to $200 $2,500 to $10,000

Does Delta Amex have travel insurance?

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance. Trip delay insurance. Car rental loss and damage insurance.

Eligible cards and reimbursement amount.

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Card Length of delay Reimbursement amount
Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card 12 hours $300
Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business American Express Card 12 hours $300

What can travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance can cover the cost to replace your baggage and valuables. If you’re insured, you can claim the replacement costs for items that are lost, stolen or damaged. Some insurers will also help you organise the replacement if it’s something you need while you’re away.

What is travel delay coverage?

What is Travel Delay coverage? Travel Delay coverage can provide reimbursement for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, such as hotel accommodations, meals and transportation if you are delayed during your trip. Depending on your travel insurance plan, there are requirements that must be met to qualify.

What is international travel insurance?

These plans cover misplaced luggage, the loss of your passports, medical emergencies while traveling, and numerous other mishaps. … Thus, with an international travel insurance policy by your side, you can travel the world without the extra baggage of worries & stress!

Does Amex Platinum cover medical expenses?

up to US$20,000 for emergency medical services. up to US$1,000 for emergency dental treatment. up to US$1,000 for prescription expense.

Does AMEX Travel Insurance Cover partner?

Worldwide Travel Insurance provides cover for the Cardmember and Supplementary Cardmember, their respective partners and dependent children under the age of 25, whether travelling together or travelling alone on business and leisure trips of up to 90 days.

Does Amex Platinum have baggage delay insurance?

The Platinum Card® from American Express is no different. Amex Platinum travel insurance includes trip cancellation and interruption insurance, trip delay insurance, car rental insurance, baggage insurance, and travel accident insurance. You also get access to American Express’s Premium Global Assist Hotline.

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