Best answer: What Insurance Group is a Honda Civic?

What Insurance Group is a 1.8 Honda Civic?

Honda Civic (2006 – 2011) Insurance Groups

Version Group (1-50)
1.4i-DSI SE-T 5dr Hatchback 13
1.4i-DSI SE-T i-SHIFT 5dr Auto Hatchback 13
1.8i VTEC SE 5dr Hatchback 21
1.8i VTEC SE Auto 5dr Hatchback 21

Does Honda Civic have high insurance?

The average Honda Civic insurance cost is around $265 a month or $3,180 a year (for a 2021 model). … This popular sedan has a high theft rate, causing high insurance rates compared to other sedans.

Does Honda sensing lower insurance?

However, new safety tech such as that found in the Honda Sensing suite can save you money on insurance a little sooner. ICBC has recognized the fact that these innovative safety features actually reduce the likelihood and severity of a crash. As a result they now offer an Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) discount.

Is Insurance Group 23 high?

What is insurance group 23? Before they are made available to buy, all vehicles are assigned an insurance group from 1 (cheapest) to 50 (most expensive). Therefore, the vehicles found in group 23 are among the cheapest to insure.

What does insurance group 34 mean?

What is insurance group 34? … With insurance groups ranging from 1-50, vehicles in group 34 are among the more expensive ones to insure. Vehicles in this group usually have higher market values, more powerful engines and higher repair prices.

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What Insurance Group is a Honda Jazz?

Honda Jazz models are classed in group 13 to group 19, so there can be a bit of variation in how much you pay for insurance.

Is a Honda Civic considered a sports car?

The 2020 Honda Civic Si Coupe iS-Classified as a sports car. … BSI has adaptive suspension which allows the driver to press of the “Sport” button and tighten the suspension for a more responsive ride. With its front wheel drive limited slip differential You will pull through any corner in most road conditions.